Medicated Oils
Medicated Oils
Maha Narayana Taila OL006 (100ml)
For external use in joint pains, paralysis and as massage oil for Vata disorders, also useful in shirodhara.
Price £5.75
Anu Taila
OL007 (10ml)
For external use in cold, sinusitis, catarrhal symptoms, headache, migraine and tinnitus, is an excellent nasya oil.
Price £5.75
Neelyadi Talia OL012 (100ml)
For external use. Promotes hair growth, cooling, prevents premature greying of hair. Alleviates mental stress and headache in individuals of Pitta constitution.
Price £5.75
Ashwangandha Taila
OL0023 (100ml)
Insanity, muscle wasting and Vata diseases. Useful for all kinds of rheumatic ailments, paralysis, neuritis, insomnia and tension headaches.
Price £5.75
Kapha Taila
OL0024 (100ml)
Massage oil for high Kapha conditions, obesity, oedema, water retention etc.
Price £5.75
Vata Taila
OL0025 (100ml)
Massage oil for high Vata conditions including headaches, arthritis, paralysis, dryness and other Vata conditions.
Price £5.75
Shoolahara Taila
OL0026 (100ml)
Useful for abdominal colic, lower back pain, shooting pains, polyneuritis, numbness, sciatica and general pains.
Price £5.75
Triphala Taila
OL0027 (100ml)
General massage oil that is VPK (balancing all three dosha), especially effective for head, eyes, face, neck and shoulders.
Price £5.75
Visharpahara Taila
OL0028 (100ml)
Skin diseases, erysipelas, psoriasis, eczema and acne.
Price £5.75
Siddharta Taila
OL0029 (100ml)
Siddharta oil (mustard seed in its base) is a warming and penetrating oil, it is highly recommended for obesity and high Kapha conditions.
Price £5.75
Pinda Taila
OL030 (200ml)
For external use. Relieves pain in gout, rheumatism, arthritis, lumbago and sprains. Also beneficial in skin disorders due to Pitta aggravation.
Price £8.75