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Ayurveda Bodywork Modalities
The hallmark of Ayurvedic medicine is that the individual and not the disease is the target of treatment.  In contrast to western medicine, Ayurveda views disease not as an enemy with which to grapple, but as a manifestation of the breakdown mechanisms that maintain control, resilience, and balance.  Dysfunction and disease are rarely organ-specific.  Rather, they are an altered systemic physiological malfunction that requires an integrated or holistic model of therapeutic intervention.

Ayurveda Bodywork Short Courses
The short courses are conducted by Amarjeet Bhamra, under the auspicious of the College of Ayurveda (UK).  Amarjeet believes in a holistic approach that enshrines the body, mind and spirit, aiming to treat the cause not just the symptom of the disease thus helping the body release its healing potential. Advisor and contributor to many health authorities and health journals, he is a leading exponent and master of different branches of complementary medicine who specialises in Indian Health Sciences.

Amarjeet has a unique and charismatic entertaining style and his professional workshops are always packed with practical and spiritual knowledge. You will learn how to perform ancient Ayurvedic modalities to a professional standard by the renowned Amarjeet S Bhamra. Trained in India and Europe, he is a leading exponent and dedicated master of Ayurvedic treatments. The College has played a large part in the renaissance of Curriculum standards largely due to his efforts.

For further details regarding workshops / short courses please contact Amarjeet S Bhamra on or click on PDF icon opposite to download more detailed information.
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